Nancy & Tobias

In the morning we made our way to Thuringia to the holiday farm domain Groschwitz. The weather was definitely on our side, which is always the non plus ultra with a free wedding ceremony.
The final preparations were underway and we split up again.
So we were each allowed to capture wonderful, emotional moments before the ceremony.
Small details, the coming excitement and the dearest people around the bride and groom.
All guests were now in their seats and we were ready to go. Yes, we always get tingled when the dad leads his daughter to the husband accompanied by beautiful music. Time seems to stand still at this moment, of course not.
The day is so rich in unique moments. The wedding, all guests are so happy with and congratulate from the heart, then it is triggered and cake eaten. There are small speeches that have been lovingly prepared and then the relaxed togetherness starts.
We are extremely grateful to be able to attend such intimate days.