Jaqueline & Philipp

Saxony has so many little pearls to offer. Among them the Augustusburg Castle near Chemnitz / Flöha.
After the bride and her bridesmaids were styled (it was really great fun) we went to the wedding location. Tobi was already there with the groom and caught the first excited guests.
The bride’s father was now waiting for his daughter with a little tension and proudly led her into the old water tower.
A great backdrop.
Everyone was in a good mood. The weather was great and the little surprises of the guests brought a lot of joy to the group.
In the lovingly decorated castle cellar there was first all cakes, which many could now enjoy to the full after the falling excitement. The exuberant mood was also very relaxed for us and made our work much easier. Because we want to capture the unshared pictures with real emotions and real joy.