“Love is not the feeling of the moment, but a conscious decision for the whole life”

Every wedding is unique, just like the people who choose to say yes to the eternal bond. Endless hours pass to plan this important, wonderful and unforgettable moment. Everything should be perfect. After all, it is the most important day in life. The location, the car, the guests, the food and and and …

The photographer sometimes takes a back seat when planning. But why? Isn’t it important to be able to experience these moments again and again in the distant future? Maybe even to be able to show your grandchildren or great-grandchildren this unique day?

Is a good memory enough or should these hours be recorded professionally?

“What does not come from the heart will never reach another heart.”

Our philosophy could not be better put in one sentence. We have been photographing weddings for many years. Every time we look forward to being able to celebrate this special day together with “our” couples.