We are Linda & Tobi.

Welcome here with us.

We have something for everyone. Linda, the creative chaot, for any spontaneous nonsense, sometimes a bit clumsy and always on the hunt for the perfect photo. Sometimes unusual locations, motifs or positions are chosen because the variety always makes it exciting.

Tobi, the structured, brings peace and order to the process, not only controls the completeness of all utensils but also has an eye for detail and can talk a lot, quickly and funny. He also gets the strictest grandpa on the group picture to laugh at.

Linda has been attending to weddings since 2010. In 2015 we decided to take the path of wedding photography together entirely. We have been able to accompany so many couples on their special day and we are honored every time that this trust is placed in us. Because at a wedding everything has to work, because after all, there is only the first kiss after the “ring infection”.

No distance is too far for us. We are pleased to say that we have already been able to accompany weddings on other continents. We do not want the classic service provider / customer relationship, no, rather we want to be by your side that day.

So we are often not only photographers, but also small ones:

Interior decorators – We put things around or away that interfere with the picture.
Wedding planner – we are happy to help with the process and give guests, musicians and restaurateurs little tips and tricks on your behalf.
Comedien – We do everything to make you laugh in pictures.
Food testers – We are happy to tell you what was a highlight at weddings and what was less.
Stylists – We look to see if the clothes, the flower arrangements are in place and are also happy to match the hairstyle.

You see … We are only there for you on this day.

We are happy to be part of the “Getting Ready” preparation. Now some are sure to think: “What, photos so early, whether that’s not annoying?”
No couple confirmed that, on the contrary. We also keep track of all the little details that never really get noticed during the day, although sometimes it took a lot of preparation and effort. For example, shoes, jewelry, small heirlooms, etc. We catch your excitement, joy and wonder before the wedding ceremony, because these too are moving moments. You get used to us a little more during the hours spent together and you already have someone who gives you things, lets the guests know when something is missing, or simply speaks good words to you. In addition, you can see in retrospect what your better half did before the wedding.

Since there are two of us, we can split up optimally at the ceremony. Tobi is usually already on site with the groom and the guests, and Linda accompanies the bride and companion to the altar. During the wedding we are really discreet and do not disturb the process. You now have this moment from two different angles and definitely nothing is lost.

When this important moment is over, the part of the day that you could not plan so well often begins, because the guests have prepared speeches and maybe the one or the other game with which you will now be surprised. Of course we are on site all the time to capture all these sometimes highly emotional and great moments. Cutting the cake is also a fun thing. Who has the hand up here and therefore the say?

You will have already noticed how quickly the time has passed and how many thousands of impressions you have already processed. We now only want to spend a little time alone with you and the child (ren) to let you take a deep breath and take beautiful photos of couples and families.
Depending on how much time you spend on it, it is also possible to take great pictures at different places (maybe at the acquaintance – or favorite place). Whether in the zoo, at Edeka or at the fun fair, in the cinema, at the fire department, on the lighthouse, in the castle … it doesn’t matter … It can be unusual and should suit you. We always find a good solution even in bad weather, although we know that there is basically no bad weather.

The evening arrangement is now the most relaxed part of the day for most. The dress code is loosening, the mood is getting funnier and everyone wants to enjoy the buffet, dance and celebrate with you.
We, as photographers, have already become normal, because everyone knows us now and has got used to us, so we get the most beautiful snapshots here, which look completely natural and simple, simply because they are.

From the wedding dance, the funny games, to the fireworks and many other exciting events, we catch a lot of great moments here.

As you can see now …
This day is over quickly. You will only notice many details afterwards or only notice them in the photos.
Even if it is over now, the memory and your pictures will accompany you for a lifetime and always remind you in good and bad times what really matters in life …
The love for each other!

Your wedding photographers
Linda & Tobi.

Wie Ihr nun seht… 
Dieser Tag ist rasend schnell vorbei. Viele Details werdet Ihr erst im Nachhinein bemerken oder erst auf den Fotos wahr nehmen.
Auch wenn es nun vorbei ist, die Erinnerung und Eure Bilder werden Euch ein Leben lang begleiten und in guten und in schlechten Zeiten Euch stets daran erinnern, was im Leben wirklich zählt… 
Die Liebe zueinander!
Eure Hochzeitsfotografen
Linda & Tobi.